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Borrowing and Accesssing Material

If you have questions about accessing or finding materials. Please email , phone us, or drop by the Knowledge Bar on either campus.

Books and Media

  • If you cannot find a book in the catalog, locate the book in WorldCat and place an Interlibrary Loan Request using the WorldCat Sage Illiad Interlibrary Loan link embedded in WorldCat records .

  • If you find a book in the catalog but it is on the opposite campus, storage, or otherwise inaccesible, use the "Place a Hold" Function in Libraries' Catalog to request a book (click here for short tutorial on placing holds):

  • Login:             MySage Username
    Password:     MySage Password

  • Delivey between campuses occurs twice daily, Monday-Friday. (There will be no weekend delivery, however, so books requested late on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will not arrive at the opposite campus until the following Monday morning.)

  • You will receive an email once requested materials are available. To ensure that you receive the email, when you place the hold, check the hold messaging option in your account profile in the Sage Koha system.

  • Books will be placed on the hold shelf of the campus you designate when placing the hold. You can place holds on books whether a book is in another location or the regular shelves. This service applies to all Sage Libraries' materials regardless of campus.

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