Library Policies

Alumni Privileges

Alumni are welcome at all times to the Sage Colleges Libraries on both campuses.  We encourage all alumni to obtain an alumni card by signing up at, or in person at the library. This will facilitate borrowing of materials and access to the buildings.

During daytime hours, up to 5pm, access to both libraries is completely open.

Alumni Access after 5:00 PM requires an additional step. The building doors lock at 5:00pm. Alumni will need to call Public Safety to ask for access to the libraries. Public Safety will ask to see your Alumni Card prior to allowing you into the libraries. Prior to arrival to campus, we recommend calling Public Safety (244-3167) to alert them that you will need library access. Library staff would be appreciative if all alumni signed in at the Circulation Desk each time they enter the library. If you need reference assistance after 5:00pm, please make sure to schedule with a librarian ahead of time.

Computer Usage 
During weekdays, library staff will help alumni to sign on to our two “public” computers.  On Saturday and Sunday prior to 5:00 pm, library staff will be able to log on alumni to any computer in the building.  Frequent computer users will be asked to sign a Computer Use Registration form at the Circulation Desk.
Database Usage
On campus:  alumni may enter the library and use all of the library databases, including electronic journals and books.  Reference assistance is also available by appointment at
Off-campus (connecting remotely from home):  The licenses with our electronic database vendors prohibit us from allowing database access to alumni who are not current students.  Alumni will not be able to use our databases from their home computers.    

Book Borrowing
The Sage Colleges grants borrowing privileges for our on-site collections collections to alumni who have graduated from the college.  We will ask to see an alumni card and will ask for address verification prior to lending materials.   Additionally, if alumni reside in the region and have obtained a Capital District Library Council Direct Access Program card (DAP card) available through their local library, the Sage Library will accept the DAP card as identification for borrowing privileges.

Interlibrary Loan
The library is unable to supply interlibrary loan services to alumni, however, alumni are able to obtain this service from their local libraries.
Guests accompanying Alumni
Alums are welcome to bring family members and friends into the library, although those users, if interested in using the computers, will be restricted at all times to just our two public computers.  We ask that alumni bringing friends/family into the library respect the students studying in the library and keep their noise level to a minimum.

Friends of the Library
The library welcomes suggestions and comments from our alumni.  Please contact the library director via phone or email.  Additionally, donations to the Friends of the Library fund, which supports special library initiatives, are always welcome!
Lisa C. Brainard
Director of Libraries
Sage Colleges
Troy, NY  12180