Building Access

The Sage Libraries are open for use by Sage-affiliated persons and for use by students and faculty from neighboring colleges. Alumni may consult our Alumni Privileges page for further information.

Public patrons without an affiliation with the Sage Colleges or without a Sage Colleges I.D. card are restricted from entering or using the college libraries.

Guests of Sage community members are welcome when accompanied by Sage community members. All guests, including non-Sage students, non-Sage faculty, and other non-Sage-affiliated visitors will be asked to sign in at the Guest Register at the Circulation Desk.

Access to the libraries after 5:00 pm requires a key fob for entry.  Current Sage community members (including commuters, graduate, and UHA residence students) can obtain a key fob from Public Safety or from the library circulation desk during staffed hours (7:30am-5:00pm Mon-Fri, 12:00-8:00pm Sun).  Residence students’ key fobs are enabled for the libraries already. Alumni are not given key fobs, but they may contact Public Safety (518-244-3177) for access to the libraries after 5pm.  

Continuation of all access and use privileges depends on patrons’ compliance with all library policies and procedures, including the Spirit of Learning: Statement on Appropriate Conduct on Campus. The following conditions apply to all users:

  • Individuals should be prepared to show proper identification at the Circulation Desk, when requested.
  • All persons, when requested, must be prepared to allow the inspection of any briefcases, knapsacks, or other items large enough to contain library materials.
  • Sage students, faculty and staff have priority for the use of library resources and spaces.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Smoking, including “vaping” electronic cigarettes, is forbidden in any library building.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in the Library. Users are expected to use care when bringing beverages into the library and to completely remove any evidence of food/beverages when they leave (e.g. containers, wrappings, bottles, etc.) by using trash cans provided throughout the library. Food and drink are not permitted in the poetry room on the second floor of the Shea Learning Center.
  • Guide dogs are permitted in the library.
  • Compliance with Borrowing Policies is required.
  • Users are expected to be courteous about noise that they generate when meeting in small study groups, conversing with others, or using cell phones.
    • The second floor of the Shea Learning Center is designated as a “Quiet Floor”. In the SCA Library, the Verschoor Room is designated as a quiet study space.
  • Users are expected to leave promptly at closing times and when fire alarms sound.
  • Use of library computers: please refer to our policy page, Computer Use.


All members of The Sage Colleges community are expected to conduct themselves in a way which respects the learning environment.  Thus, Sage has the right to remove any student from a classroom, other academic area, or program at any time if the student’s behavior is contrary to the spirit of learning or hinders the operation of the program in any way.  Violent, disruptive, harassing or intimidating behavior is not tolerated in the classroom or any other place on campus.  Any student whose conduct disrupts a class or other learning environment may be required to leave the premises immediately and subjected to disciplinary and/or legal action.


Updated 10/30/2018