Computer Use

Use of computers in the Sage College Libraries is reserved exclusively for members of the Sage community including current students, faculty, staff and alumni who have graduated from the college.

Wi-Fi access: Use of the Sage wi-fi network is available only to current students, faculty and staff.

Alumni: Please consult our Alumni Privileges page regarding computer use in the library.

Please note the policy revision for public patrons, as of April 25, 2016:
Public Patrons: The library no longer supports public patron use of its computers for any purposes. If public patrons have research questions requiring use of library subscribed databases, public patrons may make an appointment for a future date with a reference librarian who will perform a search of our subscribed databases with the public patron present. If the nature of the research involves access to general information that is available on the internet, librarians will not search those sources since this information is available to public users via computers in their public libraries.

For all users of library computers: Library Staff reserve the right to monitor patron computer use and will ask users to leave who are accessing inappropriate material or who are disturbing other Sage community members. To maintain an environment conducive to research and study, Library Staff reserve the right to determine what is “inappropriate” use of library computers.