Remote Access

Remote Access to Library Resources

For Off-Campus Access to restricted resources, such as Online Journals and Databases, you need to authenticate yourself as a member of the Sage Community using the following login information:

User Name:
MySage UserName
Password: MySage Password

Troubleshooting Remote Access Problems

Troubleshooting Contacts: phone: 292-1721 or 244-2249
email: [email protected].
MySage may interferewith authentication If you accessed the databases through the MySage Libraries tab, close MySage and go directly to the libraries page by entering in the address window.
Check your Caps Lock. Logins and passwords are case sensitive. Your user name should be lower case.
Your Browser must allow the placement of a cookie for at least one session. In Internet Explorer, look at the cookie setting under Tools/ Internet Options/ Privacy
In Mozilla Firefox, look at the cookie settings under Tools/Cookie Manager
If you are running a firewall on your pc, you will have to disable it for at least one browser session to allow the cookie to be placed.
Your Browser may be interfering with connecting to the databases Some versions of AOL and other Internet Providers browsers cause problems with certain databases. To circumvent these problems, minimize the browser and open the database in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
State Office and Company Firewalls may prevent authentication We are working on a resolution of this problem, but at the present time the only fix is for the firewall administrator at the site to open port 2048 to