Room Reservation Form

Room reservation requests made using this form are not final until confirmed via email by library staff. Room reservations may be made during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm) using this form, in person at the circulation desk, or by telephone (518-244-4546). If room reservation requests are placed after hours, a confirmation may not be received until the next business day.

Room Reservation Form
Include first and last name. For students, if reservation is for longer than 2 hours, include first/last names of group members.
Room reservations are not final until confirmation is received from Library Circulation.
2 hours will be added to reservation for each additional group member responding to confirmation email.
Room reservations are for up to 2-hours per person.
Rooms may be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance.
All rooms in the Shea Learning Center have a display which may be connected to a laptop using an HDMI connection. Mac HDMI adapters and dry eraser markers for the dry erase boards may be checked out at the circulation desk.