Visible Body 2021 - Includes Human Anatomy Atlas, Muscle Premium, and Physiology & Pathology
Patience required.  Apps take  over a minute to load. 
Click here to access Visible Body 2021 Premium.  Visible Body Includes 3 apps: Human Anatomy Atlas 2021, Muscle Premium, and Physiology & Pathology. This comprehensive package of 3D interactive modules illustrates body systems, structures, common injuries and diseases. Click here  to download app for personal devices.  Information about using the app on a personal device  can be found here
  • Human Anatomy Atlas 2021: a comprehensive, 3D, all-body systems reference app that allows users to view gross and microanatomy models, along with associated encyclopedic information.  
  • Physiology & Pathology: An interactive guide to core processes and common diseases of the human body. 
  • Muscle Premium: a comprehensive, 3D musculoskeletal reference app that includes common injuries and conditions. 
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