Evening with Courtney Burnett — Mar 16 at 6PM

The RSC Libraries welcomes you to join us for an evening with Courtney Burnett, author of Difficult Gifts: A Physician’s Journey to Heal and Body and Mind.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 via Zoom, 6pm-8pm .

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When Courtney Burnett, a young American physician
studying medicine in Thailand, began to experience unexplained
neurological symptoms, the last thing she expected was to
diagnose herself with a malignant brain tumor.

Difficult Gifts is an honest, intimate, and liberating memoir
written by a physician who becomes a patient. Facing mortality
before the age of thirty, she finds courage rather than fear.
Through it all she shares how to embrace the life we have been
given. With daring honesty this new writer teaches us the value
of a difficult gift: a gift that teaches us, motivates us, changes us,
and inspires us.

Courtney talks about her travels around the world and
surviving/living with a brain tumor.
Book discussion follows her lecture.